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Event Programme

Chief Scout Executives Meet (CSE)

January 23-24, 2022 (Sunday & Monday)
Link: CSE Meet 2022 Program

APR Scout Youth Forum

Off Plenary Session: January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2022 (Every Saturday);
Plenary Session: February 9-10 (Wed.-Thurs.) & 12-13 (Sat.-Sun.), 2022
Link: APR Scout Youth Forum 2022 Program

Course for Leader Trainers

February 4-6 (Fri.-Sun.) , 8-10 (Tues.-Thurs.) , 12-13 (Sat-Sun.), 2022
Link: APR CLT 2022 Program

APR Conference

February 15-16 (Tues.-Wed.), 18-19 (Fri.-Sat.), & 21 (Mon.), 2022
Link: APRS Conference 2022 Program

Who can participate in CSE, CLT, APR YF, and APRS Conference?

Chief Scout Executives Meet

  • Chief Scout Executives in every member NSO in the region can participate in this event.

APR Youth Forum

  • Each NSO shall appoint two delegates and a maximum of eight observers to a Regional Scout Youth Forum, i.e., a maximum of ten participants per NSO.
  • The participants must be endorsed by the National Scout Organizations and must be between 18-26 years of age, during the period of the forum.

Course for Leader Trainers

  • An active and recognized Assistant Leader Trainer (currently holding three beads) for at least two years in his/her NSO
  • Able to understand and take an active part in discussions in English. The medium of instruction is English.
  • Recommended or endorsed by their respective National Training Commissioner or Head of NSO.
  • Willing to commit to contribute in adult training in their respective NSOs for two years or more after attending the CLT.
  • Able to operate a computer, basic knowledge in navigating the internet and familiar with the use of Zoom.
  • Willing to attend the training virtually for 5-6 hours (with short breaks in between) per day of training.

APRS Conference

  • Each member organization is entitled to register a maximum of six delegates. (Reference: Constitution and By-Laws of the WOSM/Asia-Pacific Region Article VII.1).
  • All NSOs are encouraged to abide by the conference resolution in sending at least one young adult member under the age of 30 to the 27th APR Scout Conference as part of the official delegation (Circular No. 18/2021).
  • It is also expected that the NSOs will give equal opportunity to male and female WOSM members while designating the delegates to the conference.
  • NSOs may register up to fourteen (14) Scout Leaders and youth members as Observers.


What should I wear?

Chief Scout Executives Meet

  • Scout Uniform on the duration of the meeting 

Course for Leader Trainers

  • 04 & 13 Feb (Day 1 & 8):  Scout Uniform
  • 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, & 12 Feb (Day 2-7): Purple Shirt

Youth Forum

Off-Plenary Sessions: 
8, 15, 22, and 29 January 2022 – Any Scout shirt with Scarf

Plenary Sessions: 
9 and 13 February 2022 – Scout Uniform
10 and 12 February 2022 – Any Scout shirt with Scarf


What platform will be used?

The main platform that will be used for the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference and Ancillary Events is through Zoom.


Where can I access the Zoom link for the events?

Zoom links for the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference and Ancillary Events will be provided to the registered participants through e-mail before the scheduled events will take place.

Note: Please be reminded not to share the links to your fellow Scouts who are not a participant of the events.


What username should we use?

Participants are highly encouraged to use the requested sign-in name when joining the events.

“Participant Category-Country-Name” E.G. “D-PH-John” or “O-PH-Anna”

Participant Category






WSB Staff


Committee Member


Sub-Committee Member


Invited Guest





NSO Country Code


Afghanistan National Scout Organization



Scouts Australia



Bangladesh Scouts



Bhutan Scouts Association



PPN Brunei Darussalam



Cambodia Scouts



TGA Scout of China (Taiwan)



Fiji Scouts Association



Scout Association of Hong Kong



The Bharat Scouts & Guides (India)



Gerakan Pramuka (Indonesia)



Scout Association of Japan



Kiribati Scout Association



Korea Scout Association



The Scout Association of Macau



Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia



Scout Association of Maldives



Scout Association of Mongolia



Myanmar Scouts



Nepal Scouts



Scouts New Zealand



Pakistan Boy Scouts Association



Scout Association of PNG



Boy Scouts of the Philippines



Singapore Scout Association



Solomon Islands Scout Association



Sri Lanka Scout Association



National Scout Organization of Thailand



Uniao Nacional dos Escuteiros de Timor Leste



Pathfinder Scouts Vietnam



The Technical Team, especially for the Conference and Youth Forum, will ONLY admit participants when they are able to use the requested sign-in name. If the Technical Team will not be able to recognize the sign-in name as official representatives of NSOs, they will remain in Zoom’s Waiting Room.


How can I register in the Chief Scout Executives Meet?

Registration Date is already over. For late registrations, please send an email directly to Mr Prassanna Shrivastava at


How can I register in the APR Scout Youth Forum?

Registration Date is already closed,


How can I register in the Course for Leader Trainers?

Registration Date is already closed.


How can I register in the APR Scout Conference?

  • Online registration will start on 15 November 2021 up to 10 January 2022 to this link:
  • Manual Registration Form can be found from Circular No. 18/2021 for those who are encountering difficulty on internet connectivity.
  • There is no registration fee that will be collected for the Conference
  • Participants are encouraged to contribute through the APR Scout Foundation. This can be done individually or collectively by the delegation.
  • Details on APR Scout Foundation Membership could be accessed on or you may directly send an email to Ms Leonalisa Capinlac at


Who should I ask for inquiries?

  • APRS Conference and Ancillary Events Participants can send their inquiries through:
  • If there are any Safe From Harm concerns, you may reach out to our designated Listening Ears personnel or send your concerns here at


How can I safely participate in APR Scout Conference and Ancillary Events?

To ensure safe space and the promotion of meaningful discourse in the conduct of the 27th APR Scout Conference and its ancillary events namely, APR Youth Forum and APR Course for Leader Trainers, every participant is required to complete the following Safe from Harm e-learning courses:

  1. SfH2: Safe from Harm Course for WOSM Staff and Volunteers:
  2. Be Safe Online:

If you have already taken and passed any of the required Safe from Harm e- learning courses before, you need not re-take the course. The Safe From Harm e-certificates should be attached to the Registration Form. We encourage everyone to register as soon as possible and no later than 10th January 2022.


eVoting Guideline

Youth Forum

  • As specified in the Guidelines, each delegation may cast two (2) votes irrespective of the number of delegates representing a Member Organization at the 10th APRSYF.
  • Decisions made by vote must be approved by a majority of votes cast; abstentions are not considered.
  • Voting may be by electronic means or by show of voting cards, or otherwise ordered by the Forum Chairman, if there is no visibly clear majority. The Forum Chairman may call for a vote by roll call of delegations or by secret ballot.
  • In the event of problem with the electronic voting system, or where called by a majority of the Member Organization, the Forum Chairman will allow for the use of a backup system established by the Asia-Pacific Support Centre.

APRS Conference

  • Delegates of Member Scout Organizations of the Conference shall have the right to vote at all business sessions of the Conference.
  • Voting at any meeting of the Conference shall be by Member Organizations, each organization, having a maximum of six votes.
  • Observers shall be allowed to participate in the deliberations, but they shall not take part in the voting.
  • Voting may be by electronic means or secret ballot or by a show of voting cards, as ordered by the Chairperson. In the event of a problem with the electronic voting system or were called for by a majority of Member Organizations, the Chairperson will allow for the use of a backup system established by the World Scout Bureau.


How do I access the eVoting System?

The eVoting System which will be used during the upcoming Regional Youth Forums and Conferences is:
In order to register an account, you need to provide us a correct email address. You will receive your login credentials via an email invitation to activate your account. Once received, click on the unique link which will prompt a personalised password to be set.

Note that the link provided in the invitation email is only valid for 48 hours and will expire once you have activated your account.

Upon confirming the password, the account is then activated, and the system will redirect to the event page to which you are invited. 

For future logins, please use your email address and the password created by you at:


Can I use my mobile device to access the eVoting System? What browser should I use?

The eVoting system has not been designed for mobile optimisation. Subsequently, it should only be accessed through a desktop computer to ensure the best user experience and ability to successfully cast your delegation’s vote.

The preferred browsers for accessing the eVoting system are: Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.


How can I cast my vote?

Here are the steps of how a delegation can cast their vote:

1. Login to the eVoting system and be ready to cast your vote
2. When a vote is activated it will show on the left side of the screen under the active vote header.
3. Click on the active vote.
4. The details of the selected vote will appear on the right side of your screen with the options to cast your vote.
      o If the setting is activated for the vote and you wish to split your vote, click on the “Split Vote” button to enable the function. Then allocate all your votes accordingly across the desired vote options.
      o Depending on the size of your browser, the split vote will appear as a dropdown selection or as a row with easy select options depending on the number of votes allocated per user. You can select or unselect each option by       clicking on it.
5. Carefully review your vote allocation and make sure it is correct. Note that once you have cast your vote, no further changes can be made. As a measure of caution, the confirm button will only activate once you have allocated        ALL your votes.
6. Confirm your vote by clicking the “Confirm Vote” button.
7. A confirmation message that your vote has been submitted will appear.
8. Once the vote is closed, the results will appear. You can see the overall results of the vote, and, if the vote is public, also how your delegation voted.


What was done to ensure the system glitches faced during the 2017 and 2021 Conferences are not repeated?

All bugs that have been captured during previous usage of the system have been analysed and resolved. The system has been thoroughly tested and further upgraded, also leveraging a team of volunteers and an independent 3rd party organisation to validate the system. Testing has been ongoing  and continues with increasing groups of people up until the events take place. Delegations will also be part of the final tests as part of their training in the system prior to the events.  In addition, the software company who developed the eVoting system is on standby during both events in case any issues materialise.


Is there an audit trail to ensure the integrity of the votes?

Yes, there is a database of the voting records which can be exported as necessary as an audit trail to ensure the integrity of the votes. Only the appointed Tellers and designated One World Scout Bureau staff have access to this audit trail to help scrutinize the vote results whenever necessary. However, it is important to note that for secret votes (such as Elections and Event bids), the vote record does not associate the vote with any specific delegation, so it remains anonymous even for the Tellers.


What languange will be used during the events?

The Official language of the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference and Ancillary Events is English. Interpreters may join the Delegates of an NSO to the event given that the name of the Interpreter is communicated to Asia-Pacific Regional Support Centre before the date of the event.


I have slow internet connection, what can I do?

Slow internet especially this time is really challenging, especially for the work and study from home set-up. In this regard, here are some tips to improve your internet:

  1. Conduct a quick speed test to check your internet connection.
  2. Try turning off your WIFI router for at least 30 seconds and turn it on to refresh your internet connection.
  3. Put your WIFI router where signal can reach you. Your connection might be interrupted by walls, floors ceilings, furniture, appliances, and the likes.
  4. Cable connections like ethernet is will always be faster and more reliable than wireless ones. The cable gets the signal directly to your device rather than relying on over-the-air transmissions.
  5. Kindly contact your internet provider if they can provide you with alternative plans/better options for a faster internet.
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