Drave is the one centre in the europe only for Rovers..Since 2012 is a SCENES Centre;You can live the youth programme to the portuguese rovers in to centre;You can enjoy the pure nature, and drink water of the river, live without eletricity.You can dream

Drave is the one centre in the europe only for Rovers. . Since 2012 is a SCENES Centre; You can live the youth programme to the portuguese rovers in to centre; You can enjoy the pure nature, and drink water of the river, live without eletricity. You can dream the dream. More information in https://www.facebook.com/drave.basenacionaldaiv?ref=hl www.drave.cne-escutismo.pt

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Eu tive a oportunidade de pertencer a uma das primeiras equipas que trabalharam na reconstrução de Drave. Fiz parte da equipa que construiu o altar na vila.
Drave é um local mágico, de uma beleza incomparável. Nunca esquecerei e recomendo a todos....

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Sorry comments in English. Thanks :)

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Drave isn't just a peaceful or a beautiful place. Drave is the place where you can find yourself and where you can find the peace and the beauty of the nature in you.
If you are a scout, rover or leader, you should go to Drave and remind all the moments you lived until that moment. Be inspired for all the sounds, views and people that you will meet.
Drave is not just a magic place, Drave is where you build your dreams!

This is a bit poetic and romantic - but it is how I feel when think in Drave.
Great moments with my rover team!

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Drave is the most subjective place where I've been: people go there to think over, others to have fun but most will do both; yet all visitors go there to help rebuild that wonderful village. There is no electric power, no cellphone reception, and most certainly no idleness: there is always something that needs to be done. The landscape is just lovely and soothing. I recommend it strongly to all scouts to visit this tinny village at the end of the world.

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I believe Drave has three simple aspects that make it "magical".

The first one is the environment. The nature, the naked rocks, the clear water, the amazing sky, the schist houses and the insides that make you feel at home. Plus, the path you got to walk to get there is very rough so, when you see Drave in a distance, between the vale, fills you with joy.

The second one is the service spirit (and therefore the people). In BP words “The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others.”. There is always something to repair or build in Drave and this notion of a shared place and notion that making a little effort through service will improve the experience of the next one to come.

The third, but not least, is the possibility to be free. And this is the really hard part to describe. In Drave you are away from the needless things and the focus stands on your needs. This can be your life, your concerns, God, or any other thing that simply comes to you. There you are free to take time for yourself.

So, why is magical the best way to describe Drave. The experience is different for everyone, most of the times joyful and yet is never indifferent.

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from Portugal, 8 years ago
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