Every Scout is a Messenger of Peace

Around the world Scouts are engaged in local efforts to build a lasting culture of peace and dialogue. From small actions to large community service projects, young people are tackling local issues, responding to natural disasters, leading peace-building activities, standing up for gender equality, working to make refugees feel welcome and driving driving meaningful progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and more! 
Messengers of Peace is a flagship initiative of World Scouting which inspires Scouts around the world to take action in their communities by contributing to peace and sustainable development. Since 2010, Messengers of Peace has involved nearly all 173 National Scout Organizations, and inspired more than 16 million projects and actions totalling over 2.3 billion hours of community service contributed towards the SDGs. 
Messengers of Peace is comprised of three connected elements, including a support fund, educational programme and a global network, which have made it such a success over the years. The educational programme provides guidance about how to implement project ideas. The global network enables the exchange of project ideas and inspiration to encourage more young people to take action in their communities. And the support fund offers financial and other resources to support projects implemented by Scouts and National Scout Organizations.
Learn more about the impact of the Messengers of Peace initiative in the 10-year evaluation report.


Messengers of Peace Support Fund

The Messengers of Peace Support Fund offers financial support to Scouts and National Scout Organizations worldwide in implementing projects which:
  • Inspire young people to take action in their local community.
  • Enable National Scout Organizations to support local Scout groups, for example through training for adults, renewal of the Youth Programme or strengthening operational and governance support structures.
  • Deliver direct impact through special projects, for example:
    • Support to young people in post-conflict or conflict zones, e.g. projects related to supporting refugees.
    • Disaster response, e.g. projects related to providing immediate support to disaster-affected communities, or projects related to preparing Scouts for disaster response.
    • Environment, e.g. projects related to sustainability efforts, reforestation, etc.
    • Peace and culture of dialogue, e.g. projects related to providing training to young people about peace and dialogue.
Since 2010, this incredible impact has been made possible thanks to the generous support of a $27 million grant from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to fund the Messengers of Peace initiative. 
The impact generated by the initiative over the past years has also attracted additional support for Messengers of Peace and other global Scouting initiatives, significantly growing the donor base via the World Scout Foundation for even greater reach. World Scouting is grateful for this significant commitment and collaboration which has helped to transform Scouting at all levels of the Movement. 
Read the Messengers of Peace Support Fund Guidelines for more information about how National Scout Organizations can apply for grants. 

Messengers of Peace Educational Programme

Through good turns and community service, Scouts are making the world a better place by spreading a culture of peace. The Messengers of Peace initiative encourages Scouts to serve their communities and share their actions with others to build a global network of service. 
Scouts can earn the Messengers of Peace badge by exploring challenges in their community, implementing a project to solve the problem, and sharing their experiences and impact with others to inspire more young people into action. World Scouting offers a wide range of educational offerings to National Scout Organizations to strengthen the Messengers of Peace objectives, including:
  • Peace-building: Promoting peace and dialogue education by providing methodologies and training to young people in their communities, or in conflict or post-conflict areas.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Providing young people with skills to recognise each individual's unique identity and promoting diversity as a value for cohesive communities.
  • Humanitarian Action: Providing immediate relief to disaster-affected communities, preparing Scouts for disaster response, or assisting young people to support refugees and internally displaced peoples.
  • Culture and Heritage: Supporting young people to embrace their distinctive culture fostering a positive sense of belonging, and enabling them to understand and appreciate other cultures and protect heritage.  
  • Civic Engagement: Strengthening young people's capacities to influence life in their local communities and aiming to improve quality of life through active engagement in decision-making processes. 

Messengers of Peace Network

The Messenger of Peace Network is a global community of Scouts who are engaged through individual and collective community service actions in the areas of peace-building and dialogue, diversity and inclusion, humanitarian action, culture and heritage, and civic engagement. 
Scouts can upload their community service projects to the Scouts for SDGs digital hub, and share them via social media to inspire others to take action for peace and sustainable development. Together these actions, stories and projects add up to create an incredible impact around the globe!

Messengers of Peace Heroes

The Messengers of Peace Heroes Award recognises the outstanding achievements of Scouts and volunteers who are promoting peace and contributing to improve the sustainability of their communities. 
Every year, World Scouting puts out an open call to nominate, select and honour the Messengers of Peace Heroes Award to extraordinary Scouts who have taken action in one of several fields. The awards are given to Messengers of Peace Heroes during a ceremony to inspire other Scouts to serve their communities. 
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