How can I be a Messenger of Peace?

If you are asking yourself this question you are in the path of becoming one. In our present world, we all have a role and the possibility to create a peaceful community to live in, a peaceful society for our family and a peaceful world to be brothers and sisters together.

Becoming a Messenger of Peace is a “personal journey”. We cannot share or talk about something we do not practice, at least we shouldn’t. As Scouts we made and oath that includes a personal commitment towards peace. Maybe you are not a Scout, but still you can share the message and create Peace for your community.

STEP 1 - Peace starts with ME!
Anybody can be a Messenger of Peace…

We all have an influence in the people surrounding us; each word, action and intention becomes a message traveling from person to person. Is up to us to decide what kind of messages do you want to send. If you are kind with others, your action becomes a message and is most probably the one who receives it will replicate the same or another act of kindness. In this way our action has a multiplying effect.

Gandhi used to say,”There’s no path to peace, peace is the path”

To share peace, we need to have INNER PEACE, and you can create your PEACE STATE. What do we mean with this? We can choose to inspire us with positive thoughts to keep ourselves in a HAPPY mood. At the beginning you might need to keep reminding yourself, but with practice it becomes a HABIT, and so it becomes natural in you.

How to create your Peace State? You can use images, sounds, actions, and thoughts:

• Pictures & videos
• Memories of happy moments
• Objects as positive reminder

• Favorite music
• Voice memo or message
• Sounds of nature
• Singing

• Smiling
• Give a hug
• Jump or move
• Observing nature

• “I’m happy right now”
• “I feel grateful because…”
• “I’ll be successful today”

Try one ore many at the same time, depending on your mood. You can practice by yourself or share it with your friends. When we feel happy we also want to share happiness with others.

STEP 2 – Look around
Get inspired! Start in your community. Start TODAY!

Observe around you. There are many things you can help improve with your skills and talents. Nothing is too small and every action is worth trying. With community we mean: your family, your friends, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters a stranger in need.
Use critical thinking. This means you can observe and analyze the situation and ask yourself: is this the way it’s supposed to be? Can this be improved? Can I do something about it? Is it safe to try this? What is the problem here? Do I need help?
Understand. Once you observe something catching your attention, get extra info to understand why the problem is there, who are the most affected and maybe who is willing to help in the process of improving the present conditions.

STEP 3 – Get into ACTION.

Believe you can make the difference. Taking action is a matter of decision, so once you understood what the problem is, you might come up with a first idea. Keep your idea in mind!
Turn your idea into action. Your first idea is the spark of something very good, maybe is it just fine as thought it the first time, but you can also get a better solution with a little of extra time thinking about it. Share your idea with someone you trust, you will get some tips or even an offering of extra help. Depending on the complexity of the problem you can take action with a:

• Good turn: This is a simple act of kindness; most of the time is spontaneous or unplanned. You can do it by yourself or with the help of others. Normally it does not require a lot of your time or extra resources but the ones available in the moment. This could be: Helping someone to carry heavy items, clean a place we’ve used, being kind with someone who needs motivation or support words. Most of the time, you don’t need major or any resources
• Service Action: Most of the time, these starts with a good turn and then needs and extra effort, meaning planning extra time and/or resources not available at the moment. You might need to plan it and use the help of other people.
• Service Projects: Projects are defined as a collaborative effort involving many disciplines or different types of knowledge and skills. Normally these are planned in detail to achieve a particular goals and objectives. In this case, many people from different backgrounds and organizations will invest time to plan, organize and execute a project.

STEP 4 – Share to INSPIRE

If we did something good, we don’t want to brag about it or show off in front of others and scouts also do good to others without expecting any reward. But telling your story of what motivated you to take action and explaining how you did it allow others to learn about it and to replicate your idea multiplying the positive effect of your action. Even better, you might get help to increase the impact and scale of your project with expert or financial support.

Sharing the story is also a good way to acknowledge the effort and support of people who helped you in the process. Don’t forget to thank them and if you have enough resources, a toke of appreciation is always well received. You can share your acts of kindness and project first in at CREATE:, then you can share in social media with your friends.

NOW YOU ARE A MESSENGER OF PEACE!!! Taking action as an active citizen and spreading the message to inspire others. There’s still a lot to do to create a better world. Remember, PEACE is a journey…

Are you a Scout and interested in your personal progression? Here’s one extra step…

STEP 5 – Recognizing your efforts.
Scouts Personal progression – Badges and recognition

Your personal journey started with your personal commitment to do something good and you did it! We should be proud about you, we also are. Of course part of scout’s style to recognize efforts is through the use of badges. We encourage you to share with your Scout Leader what you did for others, so they can consider it for your personal progression progress evaluation. Explore the different badge options and ask your scout leader for advise how to obtain them:

• Messengers of Peace Badge: Basically if any scout did the first 4 steps you might be ready to get one. Check with your scout Leader or your National Scout Organization if they have extra criteria to be a recipient of it. Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers can earn the badge and share their commitment towards Peace.
• World Scout Environmental Badge: If your service action is related eco-friendly activities, check if you apply for this badge at
• Scouts of the World Award: Are you a Rover Scout, and then you might consider your project to apply for SWA. Is the highest recognition WOSM present to young people for their contribution to Peace, Sustainable development and environment.


You should not see this


candy.maker1's picture

Iam a a Scout and iam a Messenger of Peace.....

apudzo's picture

im messengers of Peace

Ashes Sarkar's picture

I'm also a MESSENGER OF PEACE......:)

Sct Jhayson Ramirez's picture

i want to become one

Ashes Sarkar's picture

Every scout is a Messenger of to create a better world...MoP is not just a badge or scarf to ware it... This a youth movement...So don't be upset @Jhayson Ramirez...Do your job only.

Avi LV Sai's picture

I am also a Messenger of peace

Patrick Sangga's picture

I am a scout,student,son of God,and a Messenger of peace!!

Ariffdanial Ahmad Syahir's picture

how can i get the messengers of peace award and the mop badges and scarf?Am I have to get 1000 service hour? please reply it immediately its urgent

Jackson Towner's picture

Working towards becoming a messenger of peace......

Ariffdanial Ahmad Syahir's picture

i didnt understand can you help me, how can i get the messengers of peace award and the mop badges and scarf?Am I have to get 1000 service hour? please reply it immediately its urgent

Alfred Petrus's picture

im messengers of Peace

Paikau's picture

I am a messenger of peace

Balwant Singh's picture

I am Balwant Singh and I am a Massanger Of Piece.

vivekbharmaik's picture

Is there a specific amount of service hours required to wear a MOP(Messenger of Peace) badge?

Andrew Esponilla's picture

Im Senior scout And im a Messenger Of Peace

Subham Dey's picture

I am a scout and
I am a Messenger of peace

Gift emmanuel's picture

i am a scout and a messenger of peace


I am a Scout, I am a Messenger of peace


Join us and devote your spare time for a noble cause.

Jacob_POL's picture

Working towards becoming a messenger of peace......

Christian Jiggs Mistica.'s picture

Hi Sir, for me you can wear your MoP Badge as long as your Service Hours are in the Messengers of Peace, Thank you Sir..

Ritik Raj Suryan's picture

I am still working on it, but I am also a messanger of piece

mangi_ishfaque's picture

I am messenger of peace. Peace start from me.

Vaqilsingh's picture

I am Scout.
I am a Messenger ofPeace

HARSHVIR .KV4PTK's picture

Every scout is a Messenger of to create a better world...MoP is not just a badge or scarf to ware it... This a youth movement.

HARSHVIR .KV4PTK's picture

Every scout is a Messenger of to create a better world...MoP is not just a badge or scarf to ware it... This a youth movement

Uwakmfon uko's picture

I am a messenger of peace
I love being a scout it gives me joy

King Arthur R. Ambo's picture

Im a scout from the philippines and I want to be a messenger of peace
I don't need rank or badges or etc.
I'm very proud of what a I can do to help others at all times within my limits

SctLim9769ph's picture

I wish to be one but how do you sign up?

Ran Vijay Pratap's picture

I'm messenger of peace

mdmohromuddin monzu's picture

Iam a a Rover Scout and iam a Messenger of Peace.....

Maruf Ebne Rahim's picture

Vaia messenger of peace er jonno ki ki krbo?


I am a scout master and i will try my best to become a messenger of peace and promote my all scouters also.

RushikeshJagtap2308's picture

i am a scout and i am messenger of peace....

Asharib's picture

I am a scout and i am always ready to serve

mansafia muskan's picture

I want to become one

isaac wong kah kiet's picture

i am.messager of peace .my name is isaac wong kah kiet a new sea scout in karamunting district, area sandakan 1 and sabah state ,country malaysia .i will share the messager of peace starting from adult sea scout charlie team sea rovers in karamunting district and area sandakan 1。This is my responsible as a sea scout's picture

I am a scout and also messenger of peace. I didn't messenger of peace badge.

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I am a Scout and I am a Messenger of Peace.....'s picture

I'm scout and I'm massagers of peace

Messengers of Peace's picture
from Malaysia, 8 years ago


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