MoP KIT - Messengers of Peace Grant Application Form 2013

Original author: Charles Ng, United States

This editable PDF version of the Grant Application Form is posted for Project Leaders and National Scout Organizations' (NSO) use only. Please following the instructions found in this tutorial and fill out this application form if you intend to apply for funding for your proposed MoP project. Project Leaders and NSOs should complete and submit this application to their respective Regional Office for review.

Filling out Section 1. General Information
1.1 Type the name of zour National Scout Organization.

1.2 Type the title of your project. The name must not exceed 8 words.

1.3 Type the Project Start Date, the Proposed Interim Report Date, and the Project End Date. The Interim Report Date should be set between the Project Start Date and Project End Date.

1.4a Type all required information for the Project Leader of the proposed project. The Project Leader must be currently registered as a Scout member with a recognized NSO and competent in project management.

1.4b Type all required information for the Project Financial Manager of the proposed project. The Project Financial Manager must be currently registered as a Scout member with a recognized NSO and competent in financial management.

1.4c Beside each category, type the number of people that will be involved in managing your proposed project (numbers only).

1.5 Type the NSO Bank Account Information. Please be very careful not to mistype this information. In additional, please ask the bank for Bank Details and include a copy when submitting this application. The NSO is responsible for any additional bank charges incurred due to providing inaccurate bank information.

Filling out Section 2. Project Design
2.1 Tick one or more categories that apply to your proposed project.

2.2 Tick one or more categorieis that apply to your proposed project.

2.3a Type the problem or need that the proposed project is addressing. Please be specific and point to any external research or official data to support your statement.

2.3b Type why this problem or need exist. Point to all specific historical, political, social and economic reasons to explain why your proposed project is needed.

2.4a Concisely explain the overall goal of your proposed project. This may be the vision of the proposed project.

2.4b Explain how you intend to address the problem or need so that your main goal is achieved.

2.5a State which Scout beneficiaries you intend to reach. Briefly describe the social, geographic and economic background of the Scouts who will benefit from your proposed project.

2.5b State which non-Scout beneficiaries you intend to reach. Briefly describe the social, geographic and economic background of these individuals who will benefit from your proposed project.

2.6 For each Activity, state the title of the Activity you intend to accomplish in your proposed project. Briefly describe each Activity in the space provided. Then describe the Outputs of that Activity. Each Output must be measurable and quantifiable. Finally, type the Start and End Dates for that Activity. Do not exceed three Activities.

2.7a and b Type in the target numbers for each category. Judging from the size and scope of your proposed project, these numbers should be realistic and achievable.

2.7c Please provide additional project indicators that may help to measure the impact of your proposed project.

2.8 Describe the strengths of your proposed project in the first blank provided. Then describe weaknesses and anticipated possible challenges for your proposed project.

2.9 In the first blank, explain how your proposed project will be sustainable over the long-term. In the second blank, briefly describe how your proposed project can be scaled up or replicated, if applicable.

Filling out Section 3. Inputs
3.1 If applicable, type the necessary information for each partner in the blanks provided.

3.2 State the TOTAL BUDGET for your proposed project (i.e. how much will your proposed project cost). This includes the proposed grant from Messengers of Peace and all other pending and confirmed funding.

3.3 If applicable, indicate all other sources of funding for your proposed project. Name the source, state the amount from that source, the activity in which that funding is for, and whether this co-funding is confirmed.

3.4 Beneficiary Expenses - State the title of each Activity. Then type the Unit Cost, Number of Units, and Total Cost in USD next to each Item. On a separate document, please describe each Item. For example, Activity 1 - Transportation included tour buses to transport 30 disaster relief volunteers to activity site. The site is 45 kilometers from the hotel where the volunteers will be staying. Be sure to total up each Activity and state the Total Activities Expenses.

3.4 Support Expenses - If application, describe each Item. Then type the Unit Cost, Number of Units, and Total Cost in USD. Be sure to state the Total Support Expenses. Fill in the Total Activities Expenses and Total Support Expenses. Finally, type the Total Project Expenses. NOTICE: the Support Expenses must not exceed 20% of the MoP Grant.

3.5 State the Total Project Expenses you are requesting from Messengers of Peace.

3.6 There is nothing to fill in here. Just note that the Regional Office may require additional monitoring for this project. The NSO or Project Leader may be required to bear any monitoring costs.

3.7 Indicate any previously implemented projects. Include Project Title and Date, Description, and Outcomes.

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