The Asia-Pacific Scout Region is strategically managed by the Regional Scout Committee, the members of which are elected at large by the Regional Scout Conference. The Regional Scout Conference is the general assembly attended by the leadership of all 28 member National Scout Organizations in the Region.


Regional Constitution

The operations of the Asia-Pacific Scout Region is governed by the APR Constitution and By-Laws, which is based on the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.


Regional Scout Conference

The Regional Scout Conference is the forum and governing organ of World Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region. It meets once every three years in order to discuss and report on the actions taken in the previous years relating to the objectives set forth in the Asia-Pacific Regional Plan. The Conference also elects the members of the Regional Scout Committee and facilitates coordination and international solidarity from all all member National Scout Organizations. 

Pursuant to the stipulations in the APR Constitution and By-Laws, the role of the Regional Scout Conference shall include:

  1. To further the Scout Movement within the Asia-Pacific Region by promoting the spirit of world brotherhood, unity of purpose, cooperation and mutual assistance amongst all National Scout Organizations within the Region;
  2. To excercise functions as provided for in the Constitution and other laws governing the Region;
  3. To ensure the proper implementation of the decisions and policies laid down by the World Organization of the Scout Movement which affect the Region; and
  4. To act as a consultative body of the World Scout Committee on matters ofd policies, precepts or principles affecting Scouting in the Asia-Pacific.

The 27th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference will take place in Taiwan in 2021. For more information, you may visit the event website once available.

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Regional Scout Committee

The Regional Scout Committee is made up of ten members who are elected for a 6-year term each. The elected Chairman of the Young Adult Members Group is an additional member of the Committee for a term of three years, with voting rights. A volunteer is appointed by the Committee to serve as its treasurer, and the Regional Director of the World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Support Centre act as its secretary. All members of the Committee are from different countries.

The role of the Regional Scout Committee include the following:

  1. To act for and on behalf of the Conference between its meetings and to appoint sub-committees or study committees as may be needed;
  2. To implement the resolutions of the World Scout Conference, the World Scout Committee, and the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference which affect the Movement in the Region;
  3. To serve as a consultative body to the World Scout Committee;
  4. To act as an advisory body for any National Scout Organization requiring advice and help;
  5. To serve as a steering committee for the Conference or ther regional gatherings approved by the Committee;
  6. To promote cooperation and mutual assistance amongst the National Scout Organizations in the Region;
  7. To promote good relationships in the Region with other non-political or social organisations such as religious groups, educational authorities and civic groups; and
  8. To formulate strategies for the development of Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region.

For a list of the incumbent members of the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee, please click here.

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Regional Youth Representatives (RYR)

The Regional Scout Youth Forum elects six Scouts to constitute the Regional Youth Representatives for a three-year term. They serve as youth advisors to the Regional Scout Committee and the regional structures. The Chairman represents the RYR to the Regional Scout Committee, and the remaining members are appointed to the different regional sub-committees. These young adults are aged between 18 to 26 when elected and all representatives are from different countries.

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APR Vision 2020

By 2020, Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region is recognised as the preferred and leading educational youth movement offering relevant programme in all segments of society.


Strategic Priorities 

Under the APR Plan 2018-2021, the following have been identified as the Region's key strategic priorities:

  1. Young People
  2. Adults in Scouting
  3. Governance
  4. Financial Management
  5. Communications and Partnerships

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